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I was lucky enough to be gifted one of Benji & Beau's natural pet care products, and as I have Casper with his spaniel ears, I chose to try their AniVox ear wash.

The range of products are made in Finland and are developed by Repolar Pharmaceuticals. They contain natural antimicrobial ingredients which are derived from the resin from Norwegian spruce trees, which has led them to develop their wide range for both animal and human health products. Every single one of their products are antimicrobial against a wide range of bacteria and fungi and their animal range contains the AniVox and AniVoxpro ear wash, the AniWipe cleansing wipes, the AniDes wound spray and the AniLavo rinsing liquid.


I was already tackling one of Casper's ears as his left ear was more dirty than his right, so using some other maintenance drops, before I received the AniVox wash, I was bringing up more dirt/"wax" from this ear compared to the other. I was using ear safe pet wipes to clear the dirt for the outside entrance into his ear nearly daily, alongside my trustworthy Renesan (hypochlorus), and I was preparing to take him to the vet, especially if I had smelt an odour of it the amount of dirt was persisting.

The main feature about the AniVox ear wash which I feel really separates it from other similar products on the market, is the fact that it is safe to use if the ear drum is perforated. It is proven to be an extremely safe product as it is ototoxic, so if there is a suspected perforated ear drum you can use this wash knowing that no further harm will be done, unlike other well used products on the market.

Furthermore, it is a unique multifunction solution which is designed to be used for the treatment or prevention of ear problems in animals. It effectively dissolves and removes ear wax, dirt and inflammatory exudate whilst cleansing the ear canal, and it has a calming and irritation reducing effect which they have found through laboratory studies. The wash can be used on an occasional or regular basis, as it is natural and gentle with no perfumes or alcohol, and this is why this is now my go-to ear wash solution for keeping Casper's spaniel ears clean and healthy.


"Position the tip of the ear cleaner bottle at the opening to the ear canal inside the ear flap. Do not push it in. Squeeze the bottle to drench the ear canal with fluid. Gently rub the base of the ear and massage the ear gently for approximately 60 seconds. Let the animal freely shake its head after cleaning. This will help to clear any excess cleaning fluid out of the ear canal. Wipe the ear with gauze of cotton."


Their AniWipe cleaning wipes come is resealable pouches containing 12 high quality disposable non-woven wipes, which are designed to clean away dirt and help control microbial growth and reduce irritation. These are particularly suitable for breeds with skin folds but also for areas like ears, feet, chin and other places which are more likely to harbour bacteria.

They cleanse and sooth the skin and provide a protective layer, and they further reduced irritation and relieve itching. They have carried out laboratory studies on their effectiveness against common bacteria, fungi and yeasts. Further due to them being so natural, with no added perfumes, they are suitable to be used on more sensitive skin areas as they are so gentle and they don't sting on application, as there is no alcohol in them. I feel that wipes are an essential to have in the cupboard because they offer a great method of a quick clean, while making little mess too!


"Wipe affected area once or twice a day. Do not rinse. Dispose of used wipes responsibly."


With a mad nutty spaniel and two cats I love a wounds spray! I have always relied on my trustworthy Renesan which is Hypochlorous, but it is great to know that there is another wonderful wounds spray out there which would be suitable.

The sprays are available in 50ml and 300ml spray bottles and they are antimicrobial against a broad spectrum of bacteria, yeast and fungi, while being protective and calming for different wounds, abrasions and skin irritation. the solution is oily and provides a soothing and protective layer on the skin while also moisturising dry, scaly skin and dry edges of wounds. One of the best features though which I love, which is also why I like Rensan, is that it doesn't sting on application! We all know the dreaded and the horrid stinging that can come with cleaning a wound, so knowing that you aren't causing any further stress, especially if they are already hurt, in my eyes is very important! Furthermore, the spray does not stain or dis-colour fur or skin and it also has a bitter taste that deters the animal from licking the wound. A must in any pet cupboard!


"Spray directly onto the wound or affected area once or twice a day until the wound has healed. The treated area can be protected with a dressing if necessary."


This is the only product in the range which I would not suggest for a pet owner to buy like the others as a maintenance product, as it is designed for professional use. However due to it's specialist functions it definitely has its place on the market and would be suitable for cases where you have guidance by a professional, so I would always check with your vet . This is because it is specially developed for the rinsing of anal glands, but is also suitable for rinsing wounds and wound cavities, abscesses and for soaking hooves. It is also able to be used at home for the rinsing and cleaning of a infected foreskin.

The AniLavo rinsing liquid is available in a 60ml bottle and is strong in vito microbicidal effect against a wide spectrum of pathogens, including resistant strains, such as MRSA and VRE. It is further calming and reduces irritation which has been demonstrated in laboratory studies. It is all natural and safe and ready to use straight from the bottle, but for use in large areas it can be diluted 1:1 with water or saline solution. The AniLavo provides a protective layer so should not be rinsed off.


"Rinse the anal glands with AniLavo diluted with water or saline solution. Normally once is enough but you may repeat if necessary. Use a syringe with the right tip or catheter suitable for rinsing. Finish with injecting a small amount of undiluted AniLavo into the anal gland and leave it there.

**Personally you should NOT be doing this without veterinary advice and guidance. Even myself as a qualified groomer would not touch your dogs anal glands as it is a invasive procedure which naturally offers the risk of hurting your dog. I would advise you always take your dog to the vets for any anal gland issues!**

I am so happy that Benji & Beau got in contact with me so that I could discover their range of products because I think they are great essentials for all pet owners, and I am all for being prepared! They are distributed in the UK and Ireland by Espere Healthcare Limited, and they have been highly successful in Finland being a market leader for home and professional use. There are over 1000 pharmacies and 400 veterinarians in Finland alone who supply and use their range of products which is insane and I think really helps to show the scale of their products success!

I am so passionate about using natural products for myself and my animals, reading about the natural active ingredient in these products was fascinating. As I mentioned before, the Repolar Pharmaceuticals developed the range after they carried out research into the locals in Lapland, as they were successfully treating wounds with a homemade salve based on Norwegian Spruce Resin. Through their research they discovered that the resin had a long history with the first description of the formulation going back well over 400 years. The trees are not harmed during the harvesting of their resin, and as a result of the research Repolar was founded in 2006 by a family of scientists and doctors.

So altogether, I love the sound of their range, I am really enjoying and I'm happy with the results I have found trying the AniVox ear wash, and I would recommend any pet owner to try them!

Thanks for reading,

Amy & Casper

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