Amy & Casper

My name is Amy Keily, I am 22 years old and I'm from Wiltshire. I work for the best pet industry retail company, Pets Corner, and since November 2019 I am a fully qualified dog groomer! Watch this space as soon I will be setting up my own salon and business.

I have always been a mad animal lover (excluding snakes) for as long as I can remember, & from 2 years old I grew up along side my Auntie's Springer Spaniel Rupert... which is probably why I love spaniels and chose a Working Cocker to be my first dog!

I got Casper for my 18th birthday, on the 24th March 2016, which was perfect because this was also the last day of school for the Easter Break and he was exactly 8 weeks old, as he was born on the 24th January! He was one of 5 puppies and the last to be sold... luckily for us!  He is from a great breeder in Bristol who currently has Casper's grandma, mother and his sister Molly who was from his litter.


When I was looking for a dog, although I was considering other breeds, I was looking specifically for a 'red' working cocker spaniel. But, Casper's markings have come to resemble the old family dog Rupert's, which I love... almost as much as Casper's character! However, like most dog owners I wouldn't have changed anything!

Casper and I are competing in Agility and he is doing very well but learning A LOT of lessons along the way! We are training in Hoopers also and have had our first try at a competition! We are a very busy pair!

I hope you all enjoy our blogs, as we share our adventures and favourite products with you, and following Casper as he grows up...